i have always been a dreamer. always knowing i was meant to blaze my own path and accomplish great things.

from a young age i knew i wanted to change the world. i wanted to travel, explore and protect as much of this beautiful planet as i could, and i wanted to inspire that same passion in others.

i came up with a plan. a detailed list of everything that i would achieve and become in this life time.

but the funny thing about plans, they don’t always work out the way you intended, even when they do. i followed by plan and i achieved almost everything i set out to do, but i still got lost somewhere along the way.

this plan, this “perfect life” i had formulated was no longer serving me, but disconnecting from the plan meant disconnecting from everything i thought i was supposed to become. it meant, at least i thought it meant, that i had failed. 


the first shift

yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self
— the Bhagavad Gita

i found my yoga practice, and in turn, found pieces of myself. this feeling of existing refreshed my soul and i started to dream again. dreams of traveling the world, sharing my practice and this mindfulness with others. the feeling of feeling again, the feeling of freedom.

i started to look into shifting my career online so i could travel and teach yoga. i started a blog. i began collaborating with other companies - content in exchange for products. i received a few low paying content creation jobs. but even with teaching, it was never enough to sustain me financially. and i feared leaving my career. a path that i was still determined to trod down. a path that i was still passionate about.

the second shift

i understand that it is not me leaving my path, i understand that it is me still on my path doing what i intended when i came into this time space reality
— abraham hicks

i broke my leg. bad. at work. i believe, in a way, that the negative, low vibrational energy that i had been cultivating around my career and the stress that my full time job was giving me at the time, pushed me off that boat (I left out a major detail here… I’m a marine biologist - you can read more about that here) but it was a freak accident. it could have literally happened to any one of us on board that day. but it happened to me. and it changed my entire life.

three months in a wheel chair. and nearly a year after my injury i am still not back in the ocean and i am slowly finding my yoga practice again. and instead of using that time of healing to work on myself like i intended, i let it consume me and i began to lose myself again.

UNTIL… a few months ago when i was forced to return to my why. to return to that moment in my life, right before i created my master life plan. to feel what that little girl felt all those years ago.

a sense of freedom and excitement.

i started to dream again. dreams of living life on my terms. of working for myself. of having the freedom to travel. the freedom to connect. the freedom to experience life the way life was meant to be experienced, with purpose and passion.

my dreams started to become so vivid that i believed they were real. and then piece by piece they started to manifest into my reality.

my current reality

the true biologist deals with life, with teeming boisterous life, and learns something from it, learns that the first rule of life is living.
— john steinbeck

i am exactly where i am meant to be. i gave up my plan and started to have faith. faith in myself. faith in the universe. faith in the people that i have chosen to surround myself with.

i let go of expectation and fear. of self doubt and thoughts of unworthiness.

i completely transformed my mindset and in doing so i have attracted endless possibilities in my life and created life-long connections with an inspiring community of dreamers, just like myself.

a community that has shown me that there was so much more to life than i could have ever imagined. compassionate souls that have helped me to become the person i always intended to be. and to believe that i am capable of attracting infinite abundance in all things in life.

through this shift, through this movement, i have been able to breakaway from my plan in order to live out my purpose. to turn my passions into a career. and to experience true freedom.