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My yoga teacher always told us the poses that we hate doing are the ones that we need to practice the most. For me those are heart openers and balancing poses. I’m just not good at them. I cringed every time they are cued in class and I was always weary of instructing them in my classes because I thought if I couldn’t do them well I shouldn’t teach them.

But you know what, my yoga teacher was right. If we always ignore the things that we aren’t good at or that we are afraid of and only focus on the things that we like and are good at we will never move forward. 


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There are 2 main goals that I have for every single yoga class that I teach...
1. Guide my students to pure mental, physical, and spiritual bliss, and
2. Ensure that they don't get hurt

In my attempts to achieve these goals, here are 5 things that as a yoga teacher I wish I could tell every one of my students and as a yoga student I wish that my yoga teacher would have told me...

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How To Choose A Yoga Mat That Is Perfect For You

One of my favorite things about practicing yoga is that, unlike many activities, it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. You literally only need your body and your breath, but if I could recommend only one thing, I would recommend investing in a quality yoga mat.  Choosing a yoga mat that is perfect for you can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, I've tried tons and narrowed them down to my top 5! Check them out here!

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h-OM-e... part 2

Practicing yoga at home is one of the best ways to explore your practice and take it to the next level. Whether you are following an online class or letting your body decide what pose to do next, your home practice is entirely your own. It’s during this time, when it’s just you and your mat, when you learn the most about yourself.

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