Rise, Sip, and Shine with LumiTea

LumiTea Rejuvenate Review


I am 100% a morning person. As much as I long to be a poetic night owl, I’m my best and brightest first thing in the morning. But lately, not even the strongest cup of coffee can get me out of bed in the morning.

These past few months have been a doozy… first we moved, then as soon as I finally unpacked my last box I had to repack everything and evacuate for a hurricane.  I returned home a week later to unpack everything again before having surgery a week later, all while continuing to work full-time and keep my side biz rolling. 

I’m not complaining…I love being busy! Yup, I’m also one of those people…I get bored when I’m not busy. But in all of the chaos over the past few months I became extremely dependent on my morning cup of coffee…and my afternoon cup…and my after work cup. All of which left me wide awake at 11 pm wondering coconut latte or triple espresso for my morning coffee buzz.

While I love coffee, my recent coffee overload had left me feeling jittery and anxious with a lingering headache that I just couldn’t seem to shake. On top of that I was in full scatter brain mode, my hair was falling out in clumps, my skin looked washed out, and I was what seemed like one sneeze away from a weeks vacation in bed with a cold. So when LumiTea reached out to me, I knew it was the perfect time to take a coffee break, do a little lifestyle reset, and try out some amazing new teas! 

Not only was I stoked to up my tea game, but I’m all about supporting small businesses with a mission of helping people live their best lives. LumiTea started with a mission to “use the power of tea to help people shine” and they are doing it! Their team of “tea gurus” have traveled the world to find the best ingredients to create 6 different loose leaf tea blends to suit your needs. I was immediately drawn to their Calm Tea because I am a nightly tea drinker. There is something about a relaxing cup of tea in bed that just mellows me out. But with my recent coffee hiatus I switched things up and purchased something that would put a little pep back in my step. 

Enter the LumiTea Rejuvenate Pack complete with a 30-day supply of their metabolism boosting Rise Blend and their antioxidant rich, anti-aging Revive Blend. As with most things, I didn’t expect to see results overnight so I committed to 2 weeks of sipping these blends every day to really get a feel for their amazing benefits. Full disclosure I did not go 2 whole week without coffee. But, after a week of no coffee and at least 2 cups of LumiTea a day I was starting to feel amazing! Bonus, my little hiatus allowed me to appreciate coffee again, enjoying a cup here and there instead of trying to survive on it. Double bonus, I got to drink more good for you tea throughout day which I usually save for my evenings. 

During my 2 week LumiTea life refresh, I started each morning with a steamy cup of their energizing Rise blend. This ginger-green tea is lightly sweetened with stevia and finishes with a hint of ginseng and lemongrass. Its basically sunshine in a cup.  The blend is said to provide sustainable energy, improve circulation, boost the immune system, increase concentration, and improve mental clarity. The energy boost after my morning cup was subtle, but sustained me through lunchtime. I felt relaxed (no coffee jitters), but alert; and other than the adorable distractions from all of the puppies in my office, I felt like a fog had lifted from my brain long enough for me to get some work done. 


In the afternoons I sipped on their antioxidant rich Revive blend. This blend is smooth and bit earthy. Depending on my mood I enjoyed it either hot or iced, and sometimes I sweetened it up with a little honey or lemon. This powerful green tea blend is packed with Chinese red date, ganoderma, java tea, peppermint leaf, goji berry, and roselle. Combined together these superfoods are said to brighten skin, boost the immune system, improve inflammation, digestion, and glycemic control, increase circulation, and strengthen eyesight (which after staring a computer screen all morning I desperately needed). Phew, now thats a cup of tea!

Now it might have been my recent hair cut, but my hair has stopped falling out in clumps, and my skin seems to have a little glow to it despite the lack of sunshine we’ve been experiencing here in the, ahem, Sunshine State. Over the past week, I’ve noticed that I have more energy, I’m sleeping better, and all around I’m feeling pretty darn good!


One of the things that I was worried about while trying these teas was not having the ease of a pre-packaged tea bag. I’m always on the go and I can’t bring my tea kettle in the car with me…well I could but that just doesn’t seem reasonable. Fortunately for me and my busy schedule, the tea gurus over at LumiTea have thought of everything. So while I was tea shopping I snagged one of their eco-friendly, BPA-free, reusable silicone infusers in my favorite color..it’s blue in case you were dying to know. But variety of colors aside, they had me at reusable and eco-friendly! My other favorite thing about this infuser is its super simple, tea bag inspired design. Don’t get me wrong I think a sloth hanging in my mug, steeping tea is adorable, its just doesn’t work in my travel mug. This infuser lets me steep my tea on my 5 minute commute to work so its ready to drink as soon as I plop down at my desk. 

All in all, LumiTea, I give you an A+! But don’t take my word for it! Head on over to LumiTea and try some for yourself! And don’t forget to enter NIKKI at checkout for 20% off your entire order! 


Happy Sipping!