Happy Mother's Day To All You B-ea-utiful Mothers!

Happy Mother's Day! 

Our mother gave us life; she was our first teacher, first friend, and probably our first mortal enemy - tell me again why I can't have ice cream for breakfast? 

I can't go more than a couple days without talking to my mom and she is the first person I call...well for just about anything. She is a bright shining light in my life and an a huge inspiration behind Samudra Yoga. So, mom, because I know you're reading this... THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!

I don't have children of my own...per se but I do have some furbabes that are my everything (pictured to the left and man was it hard narrowing down my extensive photo collection to only 5 photos)!

So to all the moms out there (fur, feather, and scale moms included) keep being that bright shining light in your children's life. It may not be apparent, but you are our sun and stars; to us you move mountains, cross oceans, and your love is the cure for everything!

Happy Mother's Day!