Love Your Planet!


Hello beautiful Earthlings and Happy (almost) Earth Day!! 

We’ve transitioned into a disposable world, the only problem is that this planet is not disposable. Fortunately, so many of us are waking up from this take and toss era and moving towards a more sustainable future! YAY us! 

So in honor of Earth Day -  go and give your favorite tree a big ol’ hug and thank it for providing us with that sweet, sweet oxygen, and then start integrating a few of these items and mindful tips into your daily routine! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create a smaller footprint while leaving a huge impact! 

  • Swap out those single use items for reusable everything!
    Water bottles, coffee mugs, k-cups, produce bags, shopping bags, ziplock bags, straws, cutlery… the sky’s the limit! Start with one and slowly swap out your single use items for some of these reusable options.

    We are drowning in single use plastics, they are literally everywhere. Try spending one day without using any single use items and your mind will be blown by how much we rely on these products and we don’t even realize it.  An easy first step is to purchase a reusable water bottle.  I always have one with me, not only am I saving the planet but I’m staying hydrated. Double win! 

    Earth Day Challenge…Spend one week assessing all of the single use items that you use and then prioritize your replacements. What items do you use the most...Grocery bags? On-the-go coffee cups? Start swapping out the items that you use the most until you’ve eliminated all the single use plastics from your daily routine. Bonus! A lot of companies will offer discounts for bringing your own bags (Target) or cup (Starbucks) so you can save money and the planet!  
  • Shop local!
    This one is huge, especially for produce! We often don’t think about where our food comes from. The next time you’re in the grocery store sneak a peak at some of those little stickers on your produce and you will have traveled halfway around the world before you hit the pineapples. I tried gardening, but living in a rental with a sandpit for a backyard made it very difficult. By the time we finally saw some success with our garden, white flies decided to make a feast out of the entire thing! NOT COOL! After that I left the gardening to the professionals and joined a crop share with a local farm. Every 2 weeks I pick up a box of fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs harvested that morning. Some farm programs even have options for fresh flowers, honey, and eggs. Don’t want to commit to a weekly box? A lot of farms supply weekend markets with fresh produce so can purchase what you need. U-pick farms are also a great way to get locally grown produce and they're tons of fun!
  • Support Sustainably Conscious Brands!
    We covered our food sources, but what about everything else we use? There are so many brands out there now a days that are killing it at the environmentally friendly game by using sustainably harvested materials and giving back to planet at the same time. Buy a mat, plant a tree… Mats made from sustainably harvested rubber, cotton, cork… Recyclable bottles made from recycled bottles…Yoga pants made from recycled bottles… the list goes on. Do a little research into where your clothes, yoga mats, shampoo bottles, etc come from and you’ll be amazed.  Jade Yoga, Gurus, Prana, and Teeki are just a few sustainably conscious brands that are doing the damn thing!
  • Reduce Waste!
    • Compost
      I never realized how much food waste I produced until I started composting and my trash can seemed to never fill up. No room for a compost bin? No problem, small kitchen composters are on the rise so you can still compost even if you live in a tiny space. Mix the nutrient rich compost in your plant’s soil – they will be forever grateful!
    • Farmer’s Markets
      After I started composting my trash can seemed to always be filled with product packaging. I don’t understand why grocery stores need to wrap produce individually in plastic. Seriously, does anyone know why this is a necessary? Bueller? Bueller? Well, you can avoid a lot of this silly non-essential packaging by shopping at farmers markets and purchasing produce directly from the farms. Even Amazon offers “frustration free” packing these day which is basically less plastic which definitely takes away some of my environmental frustration!
    • Donate
      Old clothes, electronics, kitchen wear… don’t throw it away. Donate it! Ever hear the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well whoever said that is a genius! If you don’t want it, chances are someone else will! Host a yard sale, donate used items to the homeless/women’s shelter, Salvation Army, Goodwill… Got an old cell phone? Donate it to active service men and women though Cell Phones for Soldiers (you can find a drop off location here). Old sheets and towels taking up space in your closet…donate them to your local animal shelter! 
  • 5. Plant a tree! 
    I saw a clever meme the other day that said “Imagine if trees gave off wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees that we’d probably save the planet…too bad they only produce oxygen” When did our priorities get so mixed up? So this Earth Day lets give this beautiful planet a break and shut down our electronics for a bit and plant a tree! 

    Swapping out your coffee cup or purchasing local produce may not seem huge in the scheme of things, but it is!  When it comes to protecting this planet, every little things helps! Just imagine if everyone swapped out their single use plastics and paid more attention to where their goods were coming from and how they were produced. Its hard to completely reduce your impact on the planet, I drive an SUV and I am guilty of online shopping from time to time, but I compost, cut out most reusable items from my daily routine, and I try to always pick up trash wherever I go... we need to be realistic and understand that life is about balance. And who knows your reusable coffee mug might inspire the person in line behind you at the coffee shop to purchase one too!

    xoxo Samudra

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