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I always thought that I was a morning person, and maybe I was at one point, but if there is one thing that I have always struggled with it is maintaining a consistent morning routine. But, your morning routine doesn’t have to be 2 hours long, because, let’s be honest here, most of us don’t have that kind of time in the morning, especially if we aren’t the type to rise before the sun.

So here are 5 things to add to your mornings, that you can even do right from your bed, that will still let you sleep in, but will have a huge impact on your day!

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New Year, New You

New Year, New You… amiright? The title to rival all titles this month. Coming into a new year, how many of us have spent time with our thoughts, creating a list of intentions and resolutions, only to fall short after the first month… or even week? Hey life comes at us fast sometimes and being creatures of habit once our routine is fouled we can begin to fall back into our old pre-new year habits.

So what do we do?

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My yoga teacher always told us the poses that we hate doing are the ones that we need to practice the most. For me those are heart openers and balancing poses. I’m just not good at them. I cringed every time they are cued in class and I was always weary of instructing them in my classes because I thought if I couldn’t do them well I shouldn’t teach them.

But you know what, my yoga teacher was right. If we always ignore the things that we aren’t good at or that we are afraid of and only focus on the things that we like and are good at we will never move forward. 


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I've decided in 2018 I am going to read more... more adventures, more love stories, more mysteries, more inspiration, more health, more everything... its time to expand the mind and get out of the side biz for dummies and yoga anatomy bubble I've been living in the past year or so. So here is a list of what is currently crowding my bed side table...


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So, I'm totally having one of those "I sat down at my computer to get some work done, but wound up aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest instead" moments and I thought I would share some of the pins that really gave me all the feels this evening...

Click HERE to see what's inspiring me this evening

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sunkissed samudra

It's been just over a year since I started Samudra Yoga. This past year has been filled with excitement, lessons learned, and growth. Looking back at this blog and my social media feeds, I think its safe to say that I am a little all over the place, but hey that's how I roll. I've spent the past year figuring it all out and I'm sure that this time next year I will probably write a similar post as this space evolves and grows into what it is meant to be.

I started this website/blog originally to promote myself as a yoga teacher, but I am so much more and I have so much that I want to share (as you can glimpse from the all over the place blog posts).

So, I am beyond stoked to announce a few changes and I hope you continue to join me on this crazy journey...


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I've been feeling less than inspired lately. Overworking myself and comparing myself to others too much has left me exhausted and unmotivated. But, then I realized that sometimes you need to take a little step back so you can take a giant leap forward and for me that mean's shutting the computer down, turning the volume up, and taking a deep breath. 


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There is a moment...

in between breaths...

in between dreams...

in between sunrises and sunsets...

where you realize that you are everything that you need in this world and so much more...

Find that moment and stay there.

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