home sweet home

we travel to feel. to free our soul. to fall in love... not with a person or a place, but with a feeling, with our dreams, with ourselves. 


I've learned that home doesn't have to be a place. Its also a feeling and the people you surround yourself with. Its where ever your heart feels its most at peace.

I always feel completely at home when I am visiting this little island. Something about the smells, the sunshine, the sand, the blue of the water, the sounds. I always feel like this is where I am meant to be. But, the more that I travel the more that I find that home is where my heart is full, its where my cheeks hurt from smiling, where my senses are alive, where my feet wander, where my eyes light up. Its the house I grew up in, its the spot where we first kissed, its the beach where sunset turned into sunrise, its at the concert that played my favorite song, the island where I danced in the streets, the apartment in Rome, the reef in Australia, the hammock in the Galapagos, the park by my house, my best friend's couch.

Once we realize this... we are all home.