“It’s only one straw”

…said 7 billion people


It only takes one… one person to skip the straw, one person to pick up trash, one person to care. Don’t believe me? Just ask, Afroz Shah- the man who single handedly started the world’s largest beach clean up. The man who inspired over 1,000 people to care and piece by piece cleaned up over 12,000 tonnes of trash off of Versova Beach in Mumbai, India. Not only did they clean up the beach, but they restored the habitat allowing for sea turtles to nest on the beach after 20 years! Check it…

There is currently a huge push for bans on single use plastics throughout the world. In Florida… there is also a push for bans on single use plastic bans (insert eye roll here). As a straw lover and avid (reusable) straw user I want to make one thing clear to the haters and naysayers… its NOT. ABOUT. THE. STRAW. It’s about the PLASTIC, more specifically, the SINGLE USE PLASTIC.

Use it once and there it remains, for YEARS, in our landfills, and in our oceans, and pretty much everywhere.

It has become habit for us to use these single use items. I don’t know how many times at the grocery store the clerk puts my stuff immediately in a million plastic bags even though my reusable bags are right next to them. Or when I ask for no straw and the bartender gives me one anyways out of habit, I get it I was a bartender once too and its what we did. We don’t think we just act. And now that our habits are being challenged we are causing a fuss about it.

So the next time you don’t get a straw in your drink and you have to physically pick up your cup and drink from it, are you really mad that you didn’t get a straw or are you mad because your normal routine has been changed?

The single use plastic bans are not removing these items completely from our lives. What they are doing is forcing us to think before we act and to replace these items with similar non-plastic or reusable versions of the SAME DAMN THING.

I wonder how many people would get on board with these environmental initiative if our backyards were covered in plastic pollution and rotting trash 5 feet deep, or do we just not care because it isn’t directly impacting us… or so we think.

Out of sight, out of mind can no longer sustain us and ignorance is no longer bliss. We need to make serious changes and
we needed to do it… yesterday.

And one thing is for sure, I will NEVER apologize for trying to make a difference or making you go look for a paper bag at the grocery check out… yes those still exist and they are available at almost every grocery store for when you forget your reusable bags. For those of kicking ass and making a difference in the world I applaud you! Keep doing you and keep inspiring, because if we can learn anything from this massive beach cleaning effort in India its this…

it only takes 1.