New Year, New You


New Year, New You… amiright? The title to rival all titles this month. Coming into a new year, how many of us have spent time with our thoughts, creating a list of intentions and resolutions, only to fall short after the first month… or even week? Hey life comes at us fast sometimes and being creatures of habit once our routine is fouled we can begin to fall back into our old pre-new year habits.

Some of the main problems with most new year’s resolutions is that we tend to make them into chores, we set the bar too high, and we aren’t specific in exactly what we want to accomplish… I want to lose weight, I want to eat healthy, I want to save money. If you lose 1 lb, choose 1 salad over a cheeseburger, and save $0.01, then mission accomplished. You’ve nailed your resolution list for 2019. So why don’t we feel accomplished? Because we are trying to reach a goal that we never set and will therefore never reach.

So, how do we slay in 2019… ugh I’m rolling my eyes at myself for typing that too… ask yourself what you really want, exactly what you want. Think BIG. Be specific. Write it down. Create a plan. Meditate. And then ask the Universe for exactly what you want and remind yourself of your goals often. Then watch them unfold. Not overnight, not even in a month, but over time (about 66 days according to a new study) you won’t need to remind yourself of what you want anymore, you’ll just have it. You’ll have made those life changes because you really wanted to, because they made you and your life better, not because we picked up a new calendar and felt the need to spout out the same old list of resolutions from the years before.

And don’t limit yourself. The new year is always a good time to set intentions for the year ahead, but its important to check back in with yourself regularly. Life changes, it’s the only constant that we really have. Sometimes the things that we think are important become less important over time as we grow. No sense stressing over a goal that doesn't serve you anymore.

Accountability check… my theme for 2019 is to be more mindful and my goals are to 1.) meditate and journal daily, 2.) practice asana at least 3 times a week, and 3.) refuse all single-use plastics when I can avoid them (hey girls gotta eat). And as I heal from my broken leg and create new habits I will check in with myself and see how my goals can evolve as I work through them, like eventually upping my asana practice to 5 times a week. So here’s to the next 66 days… and 294 after that.