International Surfing Day

Photo by  Noam Almosnino  on  Unsplash

Yesterday was International Surfing Day and of course in true Lake Atlantic fashion, it was flatter than a pancake. But I didn't let the lack of waves stop me from floating in the ocean, which to be honest is mostly what I do anyways when I go surfing because I still can't catch a wave to save my life.

Protect and Enjoy

This year’s ISD theme was Protect and Enjoy. The ocean might be our playground, but it is so much more than that. It protects us, nourishes us, connects us, heals us, entertains us, sustains us, and humbles us all at once. 

ISD was started by Surfrider Foundation to celebrate our oceans and beaches.  Its an entire day  dedicated to ocean awareness, community, and of course, surfing. It encourages us to go out and have some fun, while reminding us that it is our responsibility to protect the ocean that we love so dearly.

With ISD in full force yesterday my Instagram feed was filled with photos of glassy waves, ocean sunsets, and litter… lots and lots of litter. From plastic debris floating in the sea to plastic waste being pulled out of marine life my feed quickly transitioned between dreamy ocean-scapes and the depressing reality of the current state of our ocean. 

Do I think that raising awareness for ocean pollution is important? 


Do I think that awareness is going to save the seas? 

Unfortunately, no.

However, awareness leads to action and action is what we need. Sharing a photo of a whale with a stomach full of plastic bags is eye catching, but it won’t save the whales. Its time to shift our mindset completely and get out of the trap of the convenience of single use plastics and the idea that recycling these items actually makes a difference. 


Yes, I still said recycle, but this should be a last resort. Since China banned the import of global recyclables, the majority of what you recycle is likely being dumped in a landfill as we speak…er… read. So avoid that rabbit hole all together and bring your own reusable bags, water bottles, cutlery, containers, etc.



You don’t have to host a beach clean up to make a difference. If you see trash on the ground pick it up! Trust me, I too loath the person that thought they were king of the planet throwing their trash on the ground, but I am no better than them if I walk right over it while cursing their laziness. Amiright?!

Small acts make a huge impact. Don’t believe me… you can check out some stone cold facts here. And just like the rest of my favorite national daily holidays, I'm adding ISD. So, Happy International Puppy, Taco, Ocean, Margarita, Yoga, Coffee, and Surfing Day!