malie - botany beauty

Mālie Organics you've done it again!

If you follow me on social media or read my blog its no surprise that I am currently OBSESSED with everything Mālie.  So, when they reached out to me to check out some products from their new line BOTANY BEAUTY my immediate response was HELL YEA!

Again, totally not writing this blog post because they sent me some goods, just spreading the love because once again they have blown me away with their amazingness! 

The new line, Botany Beauty, is an organic, plant-based, fragrance free, skincare collection designed to help your skin glow naturally! The line hasn't dropped yet, but when it does you're going to want to get your hands on all of these plant-based goodies! And I'll be sure to let you know  as soon as it does!

So far I have been using the Illuminating Moisturizer and Luxe Eye Cream and I freaking LOVE them both so much that they have taken over my morning skin care routine!


First up is the Luxe Eye Cream and I want to start this one off with a heart felt GOODBYE to my dark circles and puffy eyes! I have been fighting with the reality that I am "getting older" but my skin likes to send me little reminders of this every morning when I look in the mirror. I am a stickler for what I put around my eyes, I rarely wear make up (even all natural) because it bothers my eyes and I never put cream around them. But I decided to give these tired eyes some love and try this cream out and oh boy I am so happy that I did. This stuff is packed with botanical hyalauric acids, alpha hydroxy acids, plant peptides, and witch hazel to improve hydration, calm irritation, reduce puffiness, and reduce the signs of aging.  Yes please!!


Next up is the  Illuminating Moisturizer that my skin can't seem to get enough of. This insanely lightweight moisturizer is made with soothing aloe vera and pineapple fruit extract to firm, smooth, and hydrate my aging, sun damaged skin (I know mom, I should've worn more sunscreen, yea yea yea).  My skin just drinks this stuff up and leaves it with a subtle glow that I have to say is one of my favorite daily accessories... along with some tan lines and a big ol' flower in my hair. 


I'll be sure to let you know when this line drops, but in the meantime head over to their site and check out some of their other amazing products that will have your senses doing a major happy dance!