And another one bites the dust... February you may be short, but so am I! I always hear that good things come in small packages and February definitely delivered!

This past month I decided to take a step back and spend some much needed time pampering my favorite person... me. And I hope that you all did the same!

Accountability check... at the beginning of the month I posted 5 things that I wanted to do that make my soul smile, and I almost crossed them all off my list! Even though I didn't hit them all, my soul is smiling so hard my cheeks hurt. 



1. Watch the sunrise on the beach...
While I didn't make it to the beach for a sunrise in February, I did make it to the beach more than I had been in the past several months so I'm still counting it as a win. As for the sunrise, its my goal for this month and hopefully I hit this goal more than once. I don't know why, because I'm usually a morning person, but February was a sleepy month for me. I struggled to wake up in the mornings and when I did manage to get my booty out of bed in time for the sunrise, Reef would give me those big ol puppy eyes and I just couldn't bring myself to leave him. I mean look a this sweet face!!! How ever do I say no to sandy puppy noses!?


2.  Take a relaxing bubble bath...
Not only did I manage to take a relaxing bubble bath, I transported myself to a spa in Hawaii while I was doing it! Need a mental spa trip to the islands? Find out how to turn your bath into a Hawaiian spa here... 


3. Finish a good book (and not finish a book I'm just not that into)
I am 100 pages away from completing this one, and at the time I started writing this late last night I still had about 2 hours left to make this one happen, but I was tired so it didn't. Even though I didn't finish the book, my goal helped me put down my phone and get back into my nightly reading routine. Which has made my eyes and my brain do a major happy dance. 


4. Spend some quality time with my love and fur babes
From beach days with babe to exploring new parks with Reef and lazy morning snuggle sessions with Marley I can cross this one off with a full heart. On top of all that, I saw more friends this month that I think I did all last year! It was so nice catching up with old friends from grad school, hugging friends that have moved across the world, and laughing with some of my closest friends until our cheeks hurt. There really is nothing better. Sorry guys I was too busy having fun to snap a photo for this one...

5. Shut everything down and get away for the weekend.
I always have travel on mind, but lately it has been harder and harder to plan a trip. Lucky for me I don't need to jet off to a tropical island, because I can drive to one or 1,700 (yup I Googled it). Mid-month I shut everything down, grabbed babe, hopped in the car, and cruised down to the Florida Keys. It may have only been a quick visit, but it was exactly what I need to satisfy my travel cravings and take a little breather.... more aquí 


The beauty of not crossing off everything on my list is that I have a whole lifetime left to continue working towards taking deeper breaths and giving my soul exactly what it needs. It's easy to get caught up in life and forget to take care of ourselves. Use these little moments to remind yourself that you are always worth the time to watch the sunrise, read a good book, take a vaca, or simply take a deep breath. 

Did you make a list for yourself last month? Let me know how you did!! 

Here's to a lifetime of the little that feed our soul... xoxo