A little fun fact that I learned today, thanks to @earthyandy, is that February was named after the Latin term Februum meaning purification and the month was dedicated to cleansing!

Sooo I thought this would be the perfect time for a little pre-spring cleaning...of my face! Every morning I look at my jars of bentonite clay and activated charcoal and I think to myself "I really need to make one of those crazy masks"... and I never do.

Well my friends, today was that day! So I scoured the Google machine for some recipes and after reading what felt like 100 recipes, I wound up with this concoction... 


Mix all ingredients together (I read not to use metal because the clay will absorb it and become less effective). 


Fun fact: I didn't know bentonite clay was actually green (you can see it changing from white to green in the photo to the right as it absorbs moisture).

Slather said concoction all over your face, crank up some jams, wait until its almost* dry, and then wash it off. Yup, its that simple! I can't believe it took me this long to try this out!

I don't know if you've ever seen the activated charcoal mask horror videos of it not coming off people's faces, but I have so to prove that this mask goes on smooth and comes off just as easy I made a little time lapse video so you can see how simple it really is to put on and take off! Don't hate on my video editing skills because I have none! 


*My mask dried out because I left it on just a little too long in an effort to document this momentous occasion for you guys. As a result my skin got a little red after I washed the mask off... if this happens just apply some light moisturizer to your face and the redness should go down with a little time. 


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