find tranquility with mālie

Hey remember last week when I wrote about how you should love yourself more because well, you're really freaking awesome and you need to remind yourself of that from time to time? Missed it? you can recap here.

Well, I spent almost the entire month of January getting organized and focused so I can make 2018 my best year yet. The perks of being an overachiever with a slight planner addiction...I have all this free time now to do whatever the heck I want! Like... working through my SELF LOVE guilty pleasure list and I think I mastered the *Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa in Hawaii Vibe* while I was crossing off my #2...


Here's what you need...

  1. Bubbles... lots of bubbles
  2. Fresh flowers
  3. A relaxing beverage... tea, wine, coffee... whatever you're feeling, pour a cup! I made myself  a Strawberry, Pineapple, Passionfruit smoothie that took my tastebuds straight to the islands
  4. Some soothing jams...maybe I'll create a Spotify playlist and post it here later. 
  5. The intoxicating smells of anything from Mālie Organics

Mālie (pronounced mah-lee-ay) is the Hawaiian word for calm, serene, tranquility. I have been eyeing this brand for a while so when I finally got my hands on some of their goods I was beyond stoked! And, no I am not writing this blog because they sent me some stuff to try, I am writing it because I absolutely fell in love with their products and I think you will love them to! Here's a little review of what I'm currently indulging in...


mango nectar body wash
OK, I want to preface this one with a 'do not eat this body wash even though it smells good enough to eat'. My skin drank this stuff up! This lightweight body wash lathers into the fluffiest studs and leaves my skin softer than ever. And... it smells good enough to eat! 

plumeria body polish
This one might be my favorite, but then again every time I try another one of Malie's products it becomes my favorite. It's an insanely gentle exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling softer than a baby bunny (yes, I've held baby bunnies and I can attest that this is true) and it smells like heaven!  

coconut vanilla body gloss
Another one of their products that smells good enough to eat! This body gloss is like frosting for your skin! Its sweet smell is subtle enough to not knock you out, but potent enough to tickle your senses.  It glides on smooth and leaves you with a subtle shine! Seriously, my skin can't get enough of this stuff. 

hibiscus roll on perfume oil
I take this little beauty with me everywhere I go.  The oil is light and the leaves the soft, subtle scent of pure paradise on your skin. The smell isn't overpowering at all and every now and then I catch a slight whiff of heaven when I move.