sunkissed samudra


It's been just over a year since I started Samudra Yoga. This past year has been filled with excitement, lessons learned, and growth. Looking back at this blog and my social media feeds, I think its safe to say that I am a little all over the place, but hey that's how I roll. I've spent the past year figuring it all out and I'm sure that this time next year I will probably write a similar post as this space evolves and grows into what it is meant to be. 

I originally created Samudra Yoga to promote myself as a yoga teacher. I established social media accounts and a website to be more professional and expand my reach. Honestly, I started the blog because the website template came with a blog page and I thought it would be a good way to keep my website active. I never thought that I would actually keep up with it. I began with a few yoga posts and then started integrating in some other themes that I enjoyed writing about. In no time, my yoga blog became a yoga, fitness, health, travel, beauty, budding boss babe blog with a tropical, good times, kinda vibe.

And you know what... I totally dig it.

But as much I dig the total randomness of this blog, I am also a super type A, need for organization person. So to make things a bit more cohesive, I have decided to do a little rebranding which has led to me changing my blog/social media name to Sunkissed Samudra! I've spent a lot of time, research, meditation, and to be honest, wine working out the kinks and trying to get a bit more organized. I am proud of the growth that I have seen over the past year and where my brand is heading. Samudra Yoga is still very much alive and will continue to grow as I teach yoga.

In the coming months I plan on organizing my thoughts, as well as leaving some of it up to the Universe, and creating a space that encompasses more of me as a whole, and not just me as a yoga teacher, which is basically what this space has turned into over the past year anyways.  I am a yoga teacher, but I am also a marine biologist, wanderer, rescue animal mom, yoga student, life student, planet activist, dreamer, friend, sister, daughter, tropical gangster, sun worshipper, plant lover, beach bum, stay in bed until noon on a Sunday morning-er, small business owner, enjoyer of wine, overeater of pizza and tacos... the list goes on and on. 

So be ready for more lifestyle, mindfulness, travel, and yoga posts...yes even though I am changing my name doesn't mean I am getting rid of the yoga. For me, yoga is so much more than asana (poses), it is an entire philosophy encompassing internal awareness, living mindfully, and staying present. This is what Sunkissed Samudra and Samudra Yoga is..its living mindfully, enjoying life, and honoring every moment. I want to combine every aspect of my life and share what inspires me in hopes of inspiring other to embrace their moments and passions, and be unapologetically themselves!

My dream is for this space to inspire you to live in the moment.... 

To stop every now and then and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine on your face, or the cool of the rain, or the peacefulness of floating in the ocean.

To breathe deep.

To live with intention and purpose.

To help others, no matter their circumstance. 

To respect all living beings.

To embrace your weird and your wild.

To follow your dreams.

To love yourself unconditionally.

To move. 

To explore.

To learn. 

To grow. 

To embrace change.

To just be you.

Who's coming with me?