It's a new year, and you know what that means... making lists of resolutions that we will likely forget about in a week or two. Yup, I'm guilty of it too, the whole I'm going to work out more... eat healthier... travel more... stress less... blah blah blah. 

Well, this year I'm doing things a little differently. I'm focusing on the now, instead of the future. Sure I have goals... I think... I'm not quite sure what they are yet as I stare at my empty planner wondering what the heck I'm supposed to write in it. But, maybe that is my goal for 2018... living completely in the moment.

Letting life happen instead of creating it.

I had a completely different idea for this post when I started writing it. But, when I finally sat down at my computer ready to list out all of the things that I wanted to accomplish this year I found myself aimlessly staring my screen...my mind completely blank. Overwhelmed from trying too hard to be better... be more. 

So here it is... a resolution that I might actually keep, and one that might actually help me accomplish all those goals as soon as I figure out what they all are...

Live completely in every moment.

Stop and smell the flowers, jump in puddles, breathe in the sweet ocean air, meditate, write, enjoy more sunsets without feeling like I need to post it on social media...

Unplugging... and not just from social media, but from everything. Taking a giant step back so I can see the bigger picture. 

So, as we move into the New Year, ripe with opportunity, think about what it is that you really want. Our thoughts are powerful. They have the ability to manifest our wildest dreams. Step out of the "New Years Resolutions" box and be unapologetically you, because you're pretty darn rad and this is your year.