So, this year I've decided, like many others, to read more. I feel like I read a lot last year but, none of those books took me to faraway lands, solved great mysteries, or made me fall in love. What they did do was teach me about marketing strategies and business growth.


The year before that I spent with my nose crammed in every yoga text I could get my hands on as I was flowing through yoga teacher training. And I still like to feed my mind with some yogic knowledge at least once a week. 

So in an effort to keep with my going with the flow, finding balance in life 2018 theme I'm putting down the small biz for dummies books every now and then to get lost in a great adventure.

Here are some of the books currently crowding my bed side no particular order. 


I'm always down for some book recommendations! Let me know what you're currently reading the comments so I can check them out! 


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