The new moon in Capricorn is calling us to look within. To explore those aspects of our lives that are no longer working, so that we may let them go and move forward. New moons are always a time for cleansing, as well as reflection. Unlike full moons, new moons can bring about a sense of calm. Harness that calming energy and meditate, use it to set intentions for the coming months. 

While I have been lazy with rituals over the past few months, new moons were always my favorite and with the new year upon us I figured there is no better time to get back into a routine. 

Like many yogis, I am heavily influenced by the moon. I feel its energy way more intensely than a lot of people and I have found that when I don't spend the time to really focus on what each phase is calling me to do I shut down. During full moons, my anxiety is through the roof and I spend a good portion of that week in bed or worse hiding in my closet (I don't know why, but its where I go). During new moons, I can become consumed by the calm and become completely unproductive and indifferent to everything. I'm slowly learning these patterns about myself and learning how to work through them. I always thought I was just crazy... and too be completely honest, I just might be.

Truth time again, I completely planned on getting this blog post out last week so you could actually reference it for the new moon that happened last night, but I let the calmness take over me and I have been extremely lazy this week when it came to getting things done. Case in point...but lucky for us new moons come about every month so I'm setting the vibe and hopefully you will find something useful to take with you through the coming year.

So here is my new moon ritual that I has been evolving over the past year. It has helped to ground me, helped to reflect, and helped me to manifest what ever my soul needs with each new moon.


Or any beverage really, but for me a hot cup of herbal tea always just gets me in a mellow mood. 


Light candles, put on peaceful music, light incense, grab your crystals or mala beads. Whatever it is that you do to relax and quiet the mind.. do it. 


Grab a journal, a piece of paper, a napkin, whatever you wish, and a pen and find a quiet place. Maybe the words just start to flow as soon as you put pen to paper, GO WITH IT! But, if you're feeling stuck on what to write, I like to start with reflection and gratitude. I look back at the past few months and write down anything that stands out in my mind, good or bad. Are these things that I want to take with me into the coming months or things that I need to burn away and leave in past? Then I write down everything that I am grateful for in that moment. Sometimes it isn't anything profound, but sometimes after a little reflection I find gratitude in things that I may have overlooked in the moment. Finally I write down what I want to manifest in the coming months. Sometimes this is a single word and sometimes this is a list of goals and tasks I hope to accomplish.


After I am done journaling or sometimes I do this in the setting the mood phase, I cleanse my soul and my space with sage. Smudging goes waaaaaay back. Sage in particular is used for healing and cleansing. I bathe in the smoke and then I clear my space. 


Once I have identified what I want to manifest in the coming months, I use it to set my intentions and meditate. Sometimes I will repeat a mantra or affirmation, other times I just sit in silence and focus my thoughts on deeply on my intention. If you need some meditation tips you can find a detailed version here or a shorter version here


After meditation I usually practice a little breath work (pranayama) or asana. I'm just so in the yogi zone it only feels right. Let your body move however it needs to, maybe you are holding onto past karmas and your body craves hip openers, or maybe you are opening your heart to give and receive love and you find yourself in deep back bends, or maybe you continue to lay in silence giving your body rest.  Don't get caught up thinking too much about what you should be doing and just let your body go where it needs to.


The last thing I want to do after all of this watch TV, fold laundry, or run errands. After I am done with my new moon rituals, I simply find some time to relax, read a book, create some art, listen to music, water the plants, snuggle my pets. Whatever I need to do to slowly come back to reality. Nothing is harsher than going to the grocery store or running the vacuum after a cleansing, mind awakening, meditation and manifestation. Take some time and ease back into life, and then sit back and watch your intentions manifest.

Nikki Paul