Life has been one giant punch in the face lately...

The AC broke in our house right when we were starting to pack everything to get ready to move....in the middle of summer....in South Florida... Fortunately we were able to sign the lease to our new house - complete with AC - early so we didn't have to live out our final 2 weeks in the fiery pits of hell...seriously it was over 90 degrees in our house, I had to go outside to cool off! 

But I tell myself...every little thing is gonna be alright...

Packing our house turned into what I imagine the zombie apocalypse would be like: zero mental preparation, throwing whatever was within arms reach into boxes, and leaving as fast as we could. This went on for 2 weeks, meanwhile we were sleeping in a beautifully air conditioned house with no furniture. 

See...every little thing is gonna be alright...

We finally moved everything into our new place and started to get settled. I was mostly done unpacking when the news alerts started to get more and more pressing... a Category 5 hurricane was barreling down the Caribbean straight for us. It was like the zombie apocalypse all over again. Packing everything back up, getting as many supplies as possible, boarding up the house, and getting as far away from our new house as possible. Fortunately we had friends offer a spot in their hurricane hideaway to us and we rode out the storm together. We spent the week pretending we were on vacation with friends instead of wondering if we were going to have a home to go back to after the storm.


But again...every little thing is gonna be alright...

The storm passed in the middle of night and just like that it was over. We were incredible fortunate that by the time it reached us at our hideout it had diminished to a tropical storm. We then spent the next 14 hours with no power and lots of board games, naps, and hurricane snacks. The next day we packed up the car once again and made the trip back home to the unknown.

But you know what...every little thing was alright. 


Our house was miraculously unharmed. We had no power when we arrived, but got it back by the evening. And although we were mentally and physically exhausted, we were safe and sound and home and I knew that every little thing was gonna be alright.

This entire experience was so surreal. Being faced with the unknown and the potential to lose everything really makes you reevaluate what truly matters in life. We managed to make it through the storm unharmed, but Hurricane Irma ripped through parts of the Caribbean and South Florida leaving nothing but destruction in her wake. It was hard for me to write this post while many of my friends are still without power and water and some without a house.

But I have faith in people and I have faith that if we all work together every little thing is gonna be alright...

You can donate to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Relief Funds here