We're jumping into week 3 with our tech essentials and some business coaching... or at least some boss babe inspiration and a branding webinar! And, one of the first things that you will probably learn about is the power of social media as business growth tool.  Crack the code, so to speak, and its only a matter of time before you start seeing your brand bloom and the offers start rolling in. 

Companies love social media marketing and if you do it right you will come to love it to.  Countless companies in all different niches offer ambassador programs or will collaborate with your brand on sponsored posts (cha-ching). It's tempting to jump on every offer that comes your way, but if I could've only offered you one piece of advice in this entire series it would be this...

Know your worth!

Before deciding to work with a company first and foremost ask yourself if the company aligns with your brand. Does it make sense for you to be promoting their products and do the company's mission/business ethics reflect your own? Next, consider their offer.  What are they offering you and what are they providing to you to offer to your followers?

While it was fun seeing my rewards grow as I made sales through my discount codes, I came to learn very quickly that 1) yes, you can own too many towels and yoga pants, and 2) these items don't pay the bills. I also realized that if I wanted my business to grow financially, my budget couldn't include purchasing products from every company that contacted me to promote as an ambassador.

A good ambassador program should benefit both you and the company, and you should be fairly compensated for the time and energy that you have spent promoting their products. Likewise, if they are compensating you for your time and energy, you need to make sure you are producing quality work. Remember your brand is going to associated with whatever promotion material you produce, so make sure its something that you are proud to put your name on. 

So before you start accepting offers left and right, because if you're putting in the work they will start rolling in, stop, think, and know your worth. Check out a few brands that you would love to work with and who's products you love and maybe already own. Negotiate the terms if they don't align with your business plans. And above all else, trust your gut.