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So I realize this blog is all over the place and I've been focusing a lot on the yoga aspect lately, because, well that's why this whole thing started. I started Samudra Yoga with an open mind and I want it to grow organically. And I think that is exactly what is happening.

So If you're reading this, first I want to say THANK YOU! And second, be prepared for a whole lot of everything on this space.

The more I read about blogs and branding the more I keep seeing a consistent theme..."focus on your niche!" But what if my niche is everything? Yoga isn't just about the poses that you do on your mat. Being a yogi means living mindfully on and off your mat; its about living consciously in the now. So this is my attempt to document my version of living in the now as well as sharing some bits and pieces of my life as I go.

I want to know all about you guys too! You're the reason that I'm even doing this! So, please share your stories, thoughts, questions, and whatever you want below in the comments and let me know what you want to see on here!