Virginia Beach is for Lovers

I can’t believe its been 3 weeks since my trip home to Virginia Beach! It was one of those trips that went by so fast that I feel like it happened 2 years ago, instead of 3 weeks ago! But there is nothing like a quick trip home to make you realize how much you miss it. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love living in Florida, but there is something about Virginia Beach that will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Virginia Beach is one of those towns that stays with you when you leave. Its got a laid back, good times, salty vibe to it that will make you feel right at home. Keller Williams loved the place so much that after one visit he wrote a song about it.

So here it is, my attempt to share with you some of the true treasures Virginia Beach has to offer and I’m gonna do it in one epic, see it all, do it all VB day! 


 Welcome to Virginia Beach

  1. Watch the sunrise at the beach
    Trust me its worth early morning wake up call. Besides, if you don't get up before the sun how will you fit all of these rad places into one day!? Even better grab a board and paddle out. Nothing will make you more grateful than watching the sunrise while a pod of dolphins swim by your board. Its freakin’ magical!
  2. Post Sunrise/Surf Breakfast: The Belvedere Coffee Shop
    This local hole is the wall is my favorite spot for some apres surf grub. Grab the cozy booth at end, order their famous Eye Opener, and enjoy the view. 
  3. Sun Your Buns
    If you didn’t make it to the beach for the sunrise, or even if you did, the beach is no brainer for our epic do it all day in VB! I don’t care if its a beautiful summer day or the dead of winter get your booty to the beach, roll around in the sand, and dip your toes in the refreshingly cold Atlantic water (just watch out for those cranky blue crabs - I’m shocked that I still have all 10 toes).
  4. Bike the Boardwalk
    Get yourself a beach cruiser, start at 1st Street, and cruise the bike lane along the boardwalk until your legs won’t pedal anymore or your bike rental time is up. Soak in the sunshine, smell the salty air, and take in all the kitschy tourist shops along the way. Better yet, stop into one of them and treat yourself to some salt water taffy.
  5. Lunch: Pelon’s Baja Grill
    Because fish tacos are always a good idea and this beachy, Baja fresh grubbery will have you feeling like you just stepped into a surf film… sponsored by tacos.
  6. Window Shop
    You'll need to let your body digest the ridiculous amount of fish tacos you just ate; might as well grab yourself a souvenir at one of these rad little (and not so little) shops while you’re at it...
              The Mermaid Factory 
              Half Moon Music and Arts
              Beads and Rocks
              Freedom Surf

7. Refuel: Java Surf Cafe
Three words: Coconut Blondie Latte…or better yet make it 4 words and add iced! This place is a little slice of paradise with a side of well just about anything. Coffee, tea, smoothies, breakfast, lunch…if you’re craving it, they’ve probably got it. They even have a smoothie with bacon in it…yup you read that right, bacon.  So grab a cup of whatever you’re craving and enjoy the good vibes and local artwork. 

8. Act Like A Kid
Now that you are all hopped up on sugar and caffeine its time for some fun!
                Jungle Golf
                Nightmare Mansion
                Mirror Maze/Fun House

9. Happy Hour - Murphy's Grand Irish Pub
If you love Irish bars with a Cheer's everybody knows your name vibe this place is for you. Order yourself an Orange Crush (the unofficially official drink of Virginia Beach) and meet some totally rad people!

10. Dinner: Mojitos
Non-negotiable! This place is absolutely amazing. Its usually my first stop on the restaurant tour every time I'm back home. Great food and a laid back vibe. What more could you want...other than dessert?

and finally....

11. Night Cap: Catch 31 
The last stop on the epic see it all, do it all VB tour is Catch 31. Order your favorite beverage, sit by one of the fire pits, and listen to the waves as you reminisce on the totally rad day you just had. 


all of my favorite places... Photos: Don Paul, Matt Dancho, and Moi

all of my favorite places...
Photos: Don Paul, Matt Dancho, and Moi

Virginia Beach Pier at Sunrise Photo: Don Paul

Virginia Beach Pier at Sunrise
Photo: Don Paul

Catch 31 since I'm giving credit this one is by me 

Catch 31
since I'm giving credit this one is by me