Full Moon Beach Yoga

Full moons are a time for reflection and letting go of what no longer serves us. They heighten our emotions and mental chatter, and can make us feel, well... crazy.  And that's where yoga comes into play! By practicing asana and pranayama we can learn to control our thoughts before they control us so we can let go of negative emotions.

Emotions are reactions to our thoughts, and what we think is in response to either an actual event, events that we conjure up in our minds based on expectations (or anxiety), or sometimes a combination of both. As these thoughts cross our minds they trigger an emotional response; the emotional range can vary widely depending on the incident and our surroundings. During the full moon, when our emotions and mental chatter are working in overdrive, we run the risk of letting these emotions consume us. Now, if the emotion you are feeling is making you all warm and fuzzy inside then by all means let it consume you. But for many of us that isn't the case and when we let emotions like anger or anxiety consume us it can lead to total mental chaos. 

So how do we not let our emotions consume us, especially during the full moon? Through meditation. There is a common misconception that meditation is the art of the completely clearing your mind of all thoughts. But in fact, its the art of controlling your mind by focusing on a single thought [for example: your breath (inhale exhale inhale exhale) or a mantra (i am peace)], and we generally imagine ourselves doing this in a comfortable seated position in a quiet place (I am preparing some meditation material to post on the blog soon). Not all meditation is done this way. When we move through a sequence of yoga poses in time with our breath, we are practicing a form of moving meditation.  By focusing our thoughts on our alignment and our breath, its harder for worrisome thoughts to penetrate your mind. Trust me you're not thinking about the guy who cut you off on the highway this morning when you're balancing on your head and trying to remember to breathe.  

Practicing yoga and mindfulness is beneficial regardless of the moon phase. But if we can learn to tame our minds during the mania of a full moon then we can handle anything the universe might throw our way, am i right?  

So join me next Friday for a moving meditation on the beach under the glow of the full moon. We will use our breath and our body to relax the mind and probably get a little workout in while we are at it. Head on over to Facebook for event details and updates.