I've been feeling less than inspired lately.  Between trying to take my brand/business to the next level and learning how to run a brand/business, I've also been spending way too much time endlessly scrolling through the highlight reel on social media, which only leads to one thing... comparing myself to others while feeling sorry for myself.

I typically find inspiration in my fellow yogis, girl bosses, globe trotters, and life enjoyers on Instagram. Using their successes and passion for life to motivate me to keep following my dreams. But lately, instead of being motivated I've been feeling like I'm not good enough. Despite the long hours, online classes, consultations, trial and error.... despite all of it I can't seem to shake the feeling that I should have/be more... more followers, more people coming to my yoga classes, more creative and advanced yoga flows, more creative blog posts, more high quality photographs, more products to offer, more everything... its exhausting feeling like you're not good enough.

But I'm tired of being exhausted, so instead of obsessing and comparing and feeling sorry for myself, I put down my phone (insert dramatic music here...dun dun duuuun), cranked up some of my favorite feel good tunes (playlist provided), and rolled out my yoga mat. Because no one learned how to do a handstand from scrolling through Instagram, they learned how to do it by trying over and over and over and over and over again until it became as natural to them as breathing. And guess what?! Following your dreams is exactly the same... you just have to keep trying over and over and over (you get it...) again until it happens. Because if you burn yourself out trying to follow your dreams you won't have the energy left to enjoy them once you get there. 

Some Feel Good Jams...