My latest breakfast obsession....

A big ol' coconut bowl of deliciousness and a good book on my little patio.

I posted this photo on Instagram about a month ago and was stoked at all of the feedback that I received about sharing some of my go-to grub recipes over here on ze blog!

Recipes are a funny thing for me because I am horrible at following them. I like to let them inspire me and then I pretty much do my own thing. I would like to say its because I am creative in the kitchen, but in reality I'm just lazy when it comes to cooking and my pantry is usually pretty empty as far as stock ingredients go.

So here is one of my go-to quick and easy breakfast bowls that will leave you satisfied and have your taste buds doing a major happy dance.

  • Yogurt - I try to stay away from dairy and soy as much as possible so lately I've been using Kitehill's almond milk yogurt. I did find a recipe to make your own coconut milk yogurt that I've been dying to try... I'll keep you guys posted! 
  • Granola - My current obsession is Bear Naked's Cacao plus Cashew Butter Granola, or any granola with dark chocolate! I'm sure I'll attempt my own granola one of these days and when I do I'm sure I will share it with you!
  • Fresh Fruit - Whatever you got, the sky is the limit! Lately, I've been keeping it simple with some fresh berries, but I am also a sucker for mango and pineapple! 
  • Chia Seeds - Packed with protein and give you a little extra crunch! 
  • Local Honey - Drizzle it on to your liking for some added sweetness
  • Cinnamon - add to your liking, for a me a little goes a long way! 

    Throw it all in a bowl and enjoy! Writing this post has made me super hungry so I'm off to go make one of these beauties!