Hello world! I'm Nikki aka Samudra

This past year I embarked on a journey that in the beginning I didn't even realize I was on.  Just over a year ago I walked into a yoga class at the Shala across the street from my office.  I expected it to be just like every other yoga class.  After an hour and a half I was completely drenched in sweat, I had contorted my body into poses that I didn't even know existed, and I was completely spiritually entranced.  I was fundamentally changed and I craved more.  

Over the summer, the Shala offered an advanced teacher training.  I immediately signed up.  I had no desire at the time to teach yoga, I just wanted to learn more about my practice and the place that had completely changed my life.  By the end of the six week training I was using my new skills to practice patience as I waited for the 200 hour Hatha training to begin in the fall.

Fall rolled around and so did the Hatha training.  I still wasn't sure how I felt about teaching yoga, but about half way through the training I felt as though I was going to explode.  I went from curiosity to desire. My eyes were finally open and I was seeing the world, seeing myself for the first time and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would sign up to teach my first yoga class.  

My hope for Samudra Yoga goes beyond teaching poses to people, but to create a community of people driven by passion, fueled by inspiration, and ready to make a difference in the world.  My intention for this blog is share my story and hopefully learn about all of you along the way.  This is just the beginning. 

Who's coming with me? 


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